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MOVE Business Workbook - 1.2 Personal Goal Setting

MOVE Business Workbook - 1.2 Personal Goal Setting

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What You Will Learn:

In this workbook you will learn about setting personal goals, why they are important and a method for setting them.

Once you have learnt the techniques, you may wish to share them with your team giving them the motivation to help drive your business forward too.

Personal goals give purpose and motivation to all and should be encouraged amongst all your team members.

Why You Need to Learn This:

Over 90% of the population does not know what they want and become followers. The 10%, who do know what they want, become leaders. Leaders know what they want but don’t necessarily have the direction and clarity to achieve it. This Workbook provides you with the ability to gain clarity and direction, enabling you to easily set goals, write them down and move towards them. Establishing your goals will motivate you and make you feel you are achieving, building great self-belief, confidence and self-esteem.


On completion of this Workbook, you will have developed a set of personal goals that will bring clarity, direction and sense of purpose.

You will change the way you think about your business – helping you to think about it as a means of delivering your personal goals and the enabled wealth to achieve them.

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