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MOVE Business Workbook - 1.3 Personal Purpose & Values

MOVE Business Workbook - 1.3 Personal Purpose & Values

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What You Will Learn:

In this workbook we focus on you. Many people go into business without realizing the

reason is to achieve their Personal Purpose. Understanding this is often difficult for some.

You will learn about yourself, what is important to you and how this will help you achieve your Personal Purpose. To do this, you will also learn how to calculate your ‘Magic Number’ - the number that will give you financial freedom.

You will also learn about Values and how they help you make the right decisions in your life and business.

Why You Need to Learn This:

Knowing where you need to take your business in order to achieve your Personal Purpose enables you to set your financial freedom goal. Setting this and knowing the path you are going to take will give you deep motivation to build your business to deliver it.

Your Values determine your ability to make decisions and act as your compass to ensure you stay on track with your personal feelings and emotions. Knowing them will help you understand your decision process and give you increased confidence to make the right decisions at the right time.


When you have completed this Workbook you will have a deep understanding of your

personal ambition and what is important to you. You will know your financial goals and what financial freedom means for you.

You will also know your number one decision making Value and the type of person you need to become to achieve the success targets you set.

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