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MOVE Business Workbook - 1.6 Personal Effectiveness

MOVE Business Workbook - 1.6 Personal Effectiveness

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What You Will Learn:

Personal Effectiveness is all about doing the right thing at the right time; focusing on what’s important and ditching what isn’t. In this workbook, we will be covering some simple aspects of running a business that will add real value to it:

  • What you should be spending your time on

  • Which activities create the most value to your business

  • How to make some simple measurements that can make a huge difference to the performance of your business.

Why You Need to Learn This:

How you spend your time is paramount to the success of your business. Knowing what you and your team is spending time on and taking comfort in the knowledge it is the right thing will make your business highly effective.

Working hard will not create a successful business; spending time on the most effective activities will.


You will see how working differently makes the most impact on your businesssuccess. Understanding your most effective activities involves a key thinking shift. Making this shift will be the single, most significant thing you do to move towards Business Class. It is the real beginning.

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