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MOVE Business Workbook - 1.7 Prioritising

MOVE Business Workbook - 1.7 Prioritising

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What You Will Learn:

Prioritizing is all about using your time effectively. In this Chapter, we will be looking at:

  • Time Management Statistics

  • 80/20 rule

  • Finding the time to work on your business

  • Chunking your time

  • ABC analysis

Why You Need to Learn This:

Time is the enemy of every businessman or woman. Spending your business time in the most effective way is a key success factor of every successful business. It also enables you to have more time outside of your business and to use it wisely.

Businesses that have a disciplined time effectiveness policy become great businesses. This is not about running a business as a tyrant or working your team into the ground - it’s about developing a well-organized, focused and disciplined ship deploying the right people who wish to work towards the goals of the business.


Implement the methods explained in this workbook and you can find up to 2 hours a day - that’s a whole day a week you can spend working on your business. It’s this time that will help you work towards achieving Business Class.

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